Here is a list of interesting papers we have come across and would be worth discussing in the club:

DNA methylation and memory – PDF (picked by Bonny Hou – March 18, 2016)

Rapid erasure of hippocampal memory following inhibition of dentate gyrus granule cells – PDF (picked by Lina Tran – April 15, 2016)

Parsing Reward and Aversion in the Amygdala –  PDF (picked by Dano Morrison – April 22, 2016)

Coordinated Excitation and Inhibition of Prefrontal Ensembles during Awake Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripple Events – PDF (picked by Colleen Gilion – April 29, 2016)

Is cortical connectivity optimized for storing information? – PDF (picked by Chen Yan – May 6, 2016)

Causal evidence for the role of REM sleep theta rhythm in contextual memory consolidation – PDF (picked by Axel Guskjolen – May 20, 2016)

Divergent Routing of Positive and Negative Information from the Amygdala during Memory Retrieval –

Optogenetic approaches addressing extracellular modulation of neural excitability –  PDF

Memory retrieval by activating engram cells in mouse models of early Alzheimer’s disease – PDF (picked by Asim Rashid – April 1, 2016)

4-Hz oscillations synchronize prefrontal–amygdala circuits during fear behavior –  PDF (picked by Frances Xia – March 11, 2016)

Hippocampal Somatostatin Interneurons Control the Size of Neuronal Memory Ensembles – PDF (picked by Alex Jacob, March 4, 2016)

Regulating Anxiety with Extrasynaptic Inhibition – PDF (picked by Sungmo Park – February 26, 2016)

Environmental enrichment facilitates cocaine-cue – PDF (picked by Lyn Van Kampen – February 19, 2016)

Disrupted Prediction Error Links Excessive Amygdala Activiation to Excessive Fear-  PDF (picked by Emily Kramer – January 29, 2016)

Activity-Induced DNA Breaks Govern the Expression of Neuronal Early-Response Genes – PDF (picked by Brandon Walters, January 22, 2016)

Engram Cells Retain Memory Under Retrograde Amnesia – PDF (picked by Justin Kenney – January 15, 2016)

Exeprience dependent regulation adult neurogenesis  – PDF (picked by Axel Guskjolen – January 8, 2016)

Regulating Anxiety with Extrasynaptic Inhibition – PDF (picked by Sungmo Park – February 26, 2016)

Abstract Context Representations in Primate Amygdala and Prefontal Cortex – PDF (picked by Chen Yan – November 13, 2015)

Mice in an Enriched Environment Learn More Flexibly Because of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis – PDF (picked by Lyn VanKampen – October 30, 2015 – cancelled due to flu )

Ablation of hippocampal neurogenesis in mice impairs the response to stress during the dark cycle – PDF (Picked by Jonathan Epp – October 23, 2015)

A GABAergic projection from the zona incerta to cortex promotes cortical neuron development – PDF

Prefrontal cortical regulation of brainwide circuit dynamics – PDF

Illuminating anhedonia – PDF

Intact-Brain Analyses Reveal Distinct Information Carried by SNc Dopamine Subcircuits – PDF (picked by Valentina Mercaldo – September 11, 2015)

Dopaminergic neurons promote hippocampal reactivation and spatial memory persistence – PDF 

Emergence of Complex Computational Structures From Chaotic Neural Networks
Through Reward-Modulated Hebbian Learning – PDF (picked by Adam Santoro – July 23, 2015)

Dynamically Allocated Hub in Task-Evoked Network Predicts the Vulnerable Prefrontal Locus for Contextual Memory Retrieval in Macaques – PDF

Evidence for holistic episodic recollection via hippocampal pattern completion – PDF

Hebbian and neuromodulatory mechanisms interact to trigger associative memory formation – PDF (picked by Colleen – July 10, 2015)

Viral-genetic tracing of the input–output organization of a central noradrenaline circuit – PDF

Impermanence of dendritic spines in live adult CA1 hippocampus – PDF (picked by Dano – June 26, 2015)

Imaging Complex Protein Metabolism in Live Organisms by Stimulated  Raman Scattering Microscopy with Isotope Labelling – PDF  (picked by Yasaman – June 19, 2015) 

Explicit memory creation during sleep demonstrates a causal role of place cells in navigation –  PDF (picked by Frances – June 12, 2015)

The paraventricular thalamus controls a central amygdala fear circuit – PDF (picked by Sungmo – May 29, 2015)

A circuit mechanism for differentiating positive and negative associations – PDF (picked by Asim – May 15, 2015)

Artificial Association of Pre-stored Information to Generate a Qualitatively New Memory – PDF

Enhancement of fear memory by retrieval through reconsolidation – PDF

Large environments reveal the statistical structure governing hippocampal representations – PDF

Labeling of active neural circuits in vivo with designed calcium integrators – PDF (picked by Justin – April 24, 2015)

A causal linkbetween prediction errors, dopamine neurons and learning – PDF (picked by Liz – March 20, 2015)

A temporal shift in the circuits mediating retrieval of fear memory – PDF (picked by Lina – July 17, 2015)

Cortical Representations Are Reinstated by the Hippocampus during Memory Retrieval – PDF (picked by Axel – March 27, 2015)

Visualizing the Engram Learning Stabilizes Odor Representations in the Olfactory Network – PDF (picked by Gisella – February 27, 2015)

 Uncovering disease-disease relationships through the incomplete interactome PDF (picked by Adam Santoro – August 14, 2015)

A Critical Period for Experience-Dependent Remodeling of Adult-Born Neuron Connectivity – PDF (picked by Lyn – March 13, 2015)

Myelination in the Mammalian Brain Neuronal Activity Promotes Oligodendrogenesis – PDF  (picked by Patrick – February 13, 2015)

Dynamics of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Adult Humans – PDF (picked by Colleen – May 22nd, 2015)

Learning Causes Reorganization of Neuronal Firing Patterns to Represent Related Experiences within a Hippocampal Schema- PDF

Seamless Reconstruction of Intact Adult-Born Neurons by Serial End-Block Imaging Reveals Complex Axonal Guidance and Development in the Adult Hippocampus – PDF (Picked by Jonathan – October 25th, 2013)

Hippocampal SWR Activity Predicts Correct Decisions during the Initial Learning of an Alternation Task – PDF

Awake Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripples Support Spatial Memory – PDF  (Picked by Frances – October 11th, 2013)

Long-term dynamics of CA1 hippocampal place codes – PDF (Picked by Jonathan – June 6, 2014)

Diverging neural pathways assemble a behavioural state from separable features in anxiety – PDF (Picked by Liz – January 17th, 2014)

Creating a False Memory in the Hippocampus – PDF (Picked by Asim – January 10th, 2013) Rigid firing sequences undermine spatial memory code in a neurodegenerative mouse model – PDF (picked by Aijing Gao – September 26, 2014)

Optical control of mammalian endogenous transcription and epigenetic states – PDF (Picked by Valentina – November 15th, 2013)

A Neural Circuit for Memory Specificity and Generalization – PDF (Picked by Chen – September 27th, 2013) Emergence of Individuality in Genetically Identical Mice – PDF (Picked by Nic – February 14th, 2014) Reactivation of Neural Ensembles during the Retrieval of Recent and Remote Memory – PDF (Picked by Gisella – March 21st, 2014) The Hippocampus Plays a Selective Role in the Retrieval of Detailed Contextual Memories – PDF (Picked by Aijing – April 25th, 2014) Challenges of understanding brain function by selective modulation of neuronal subpopulations – PDF The effect of adverse rearing environments on persistent memories in young rats: removing the brakes on infant fear memories – PDF (Picked By Leo – October 24, 2014)

BLA to vHPC Inputs Modulate Anxiety-Related Behaviors – PDF: Supplemental Information -> BLA to vHPC Inputs Modulate Anxiety-Related Behaviors – PDF (Picked By Leo – December 13, 2013)

Young Dentate Granule Cells Mediate Pattern Separation, whereas Old Granule Cells Facilitate Pattern Completion – PDF

Stimulus specific enhancement of fear extinction during slow wave sleep – PDF  -> will need to download the Supplement with this. (Picked by Jana Husse – March 28, 2014)

Corridors of migrating neurons in the human brain and their decline during infancy – PDF (Picked by Dekel – October 18th, 2013)

Functional Connectivity between Amygdala and Cingulate Cortex for Adaptive Aversive Learning – PDF (Picked by Chen- April 4, 2014) Epigenetic Priming of Memory Updating during Reconsolidation to attenuate remote fear memories – PDF (Picked by Yosuke  – January 24th, 2014) Independent hypothalamic circuits for social and predator fear – PDF (Picked by Sungmo  – July 18th, 2014) Parvalbumin interneurons mediate neuronal circuitry–neurogenesis coupling in the adult hippocampus – PDF (Picked by Yosuke – July 11th, 2014) Memory recall and modifications by activating neurons with elevated CREB – PDF (Picked By Axel – March 14, 2014) Molecular drivers and cortical spread of lateral entorhinal cortex dysfunction in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease – PDF (Picked By Adelaide – May 2, 2014) Parvalbumin-expressing basket-cell network plasticity induced by experience regulates adult learning – PDF (Picked By David – June 20, 2014) Tools for Resolving Functional Activity and Connectivity within Intact Neural Circuits – PDF Dendritic Inhibition in the Hippocampus Supports Fear Learning – PDF (Picked by Frances October 17, 2014)

Structured Synaptic Connectivity between Hippocampal Regions – PDF (Picked by Valentina May 16th, 2014)

Hippocampal binding of novel information with dominant memory traces can support both memory stability and change – PDF (Picked By Xiaochen February 28, 2014)

Hippocampal Activity Patterns Carry Information about Objects in Temporal Context – PDF (Picked By Matt April 11, 2014)

 Synaptic encoding of fear extinction in mPFC-amygdala circuits – PDF (Picked By Dekel April 17, 2014)

Long-Range Connectivity Defines Behavioral Specificity of Amygdala Neurons – PDF (Picked by Adelaide August 15, 2014)

Amygdala interneuron subtypes control fear learning through disinhibition – PDF (Picked By Asim May 30,  2014)

A Normative Theory of Forgetting Lessons from the Fruit Fly – PDF

Functional connectivity-based parcellation and connectome of cortical midline structures in the mouse: a perfusion autoradiography study – PDF (Picked by Leo – June 27, 2014)

Contrasting forms of cocaine-evoked plasticity control components of relapse – PDF (Picked By Liz – July 4, 2014)

 Engineering a memory with LTD and LTP –  PDF (Picked By Axel – July 25, 2014)

 All-optical electrophysiology in mammalian neurons using engineered microbial rhodopsin – PDF Coordination of entorhinalhippocampal ensemble activity during associative learning (Picked By Gisella – August 1, 2014) Amygdala-Dependent Fear Memory Consolidation via miR-34a and Notch Signaling (Picked by Valentina – September 5, 2014) Parental olfactory experience influences behavior and neural structure in subsequent generations (picked by Jana Husse  – September 12, 2014) – PDF Behavioral Variability through stochastic choice and its gating by anterior cingulate cortex (picked by Adam – October 10, 2014) – PDF Natural Neural Projection Dynamics Underlying Social Behavior (picked by Sungmo Park – October 31, 2014) Motor skill learning requires active central myelination (picked by Yosuke Niibori – January 27, 2015) Dopaminergic neurons promote hippocampal reactivation and spatial memory persistence

Calcium transient prevalence across the dendritic arbour predicts place field properties – (Picked by Dano – November 14, 2014)

CREB Regulates Memory Allocation in the Insular Cortex – PDF

The participation of cortical amygdala in innate, odour-driven behaviour – PDF

Single rodent mesohabenular axons release glutamate and GABA.(Picked by John – November 28, 2014)

 Neuronal encoding of the switch from specific to generalized fear – PDF (Picked by Chen – January 16, 2015) Increased adult hippocampal neurogenesis is not necessary for wheel running to abolish conditioned place preference for cocaine in mice –   PDF (Picked by Jonathan – December 5, 2014)

Fear Learning Enhances Neural Responses to Threat-Predictive Sensory Stimuli –PDF  (Picked by Dekel – January 9, 2015)

 Impact of Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Inputs on Basolateral Amygdala Neurons – PDF Emotional learning selectively and retroactively strengthens memories for related events – PDF A temporal shift in the circuits mediating retrieval of fear memory – PDF Visualizing the Engram Learning Stabilizes Odor Representations in the Olfactory Network – PDF (Picked by Gisella – February 28, 2015)